The Masses

The rigid grid of concrete urban environments can often feel static and mundane. Streets don’t flow like rivers, but follow the changing of electric lights instead. Rigid buildings and the people of the city stand mutually exclusive, but a living architecture is possible. The building’s natural white surface moves in and out. It converses with each passerby. It’s a building among the living. The structure’s form is unpredictable and ever changing. It reacts to each person who enters. The building acts as a part of the environment. A mix of fluid, cloudlike motion and calculated, mechanized steel — an exercise in the ethereal by virtue of technological prowess. Its surreal effect is mesmerizing. It is unearthly and sensual, inorganic and breathing, produced and ephemeral. This exquisite form will seduce even the most blasé passerby with its inexplicable grandeur.


This project will transform the building into a living machine. Beneath the structure’s membrane is an intricate system of scaffolding, gears, LED lights, and motors, all covered with a veneer of soft, organic, white fabric. Unlike a typical building, it is a sentient being that reacts to its surroundings. When patrons enter the building they will set off a sensor that triggers the LED lights and mechanical arms to change the building’s form. The structure will change continually for the entirety of the installation, and contrast the mundane and static uniformity of its surroundings. This unconventional and elegant structure in motion will enthrall both patrons of the building and citizens of the city.