SPA at Printed Matter’s Los Angeles Art Book Fair 2015

Happy to see old friends and new at the 2015 Book Fair. This year we featured new books by Noah Davis, Jerry Hsu and Nate Walton.


The Wall

Books, gifts, mementos, and other ephemera. This is Commonwealth Projects’ office wall.

The Art of Revolutionary Display techniques: Excerpts from Frederick Kiesler (1989, Whitney Museum of American Art)

“Frederick Kiesler’s installation concepts were as radical as his architecture theories. Whether he was designing on a small or large scale—a single-family dwelling or an entire urban landscape, a public shrine or a commercial art gallery—his basic concerns were unified by his lifelong preoccupation with “continuity.” Kiesler first developed this concept in the mid-1920s. As he recalled, ‘It was in 1924-25, in the Vienna of Strauss waltzes, and in the Paris of the Beaux-Arts, that I eliminated the separation between floor, walls, and ceiling, and created floors, walls, and ceiling, as a continuous whole.'” -Cynthia Goodman


Fight inertia. Take a walk.

Workshop 5001 KW Suspension Shoot

Behind the scenes on KWS Suspension photoshoot at 5001 Workshop. Love seeing our projects living in the world. Lots of Porsches, lots of passion.

S**T F**K

Typography scans from Wet Magazine, July/August 1978.