Hedi Slimane — California Song

Commonwealth Projects produced Hedi Slimane’s sprawling and complex exhibition, California Song. We worked closely with the visionary to conceive, design, and fabricate the two-floor installation at LA MOCA’s Pacific Design Center location. The first floor installation included photos and mirrors installed
in a plywood labyrinth. A large (seemingly) floating cube centered the second floor. Slimane’s signature images were projected on each side of the object.
Two outer walls were dominated by a structure of vintage speakers and metal pipes that played a soundtrack created by No Age solely for the exhibition. Additionally, CWP obtained access to digital billboards across Los Angeles that advertised Slimane’s show and extended the notion of a traditional gallery exhibition.
CWP collaborated with Slimane to design take-away zines and posters. Lastly, CWP produced a self-commissioned video project that was filmed over the course of the exhibition’s opening week. It includes footage of the opening night,
No Age’s rehearsal for their performance, billboards featuring Slimane’s photographs across LA, and the artwork in the show. The film incorporates the same original No Age soundtrack that was featured in the installation
at the MOCA Pacific Design Center.