Kahlil Joseph — Double Conscience

In an extraordinary exhibition, The Oracle, at the Underground Museum in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, Commonwealth Projects worked with Kahlil Joseph to design and install the director’s video installation. The exhibition featured figurative sculptures from a coveted private collection of rare African art alongside contemporary works from other artists in various mediums. For Joseph’s contribution, featuring Kendrick Lamar, we designed and installed 14 foot screens that intersected at 90 degree angles to accommodate a two-channel video projection. The intersecting design complimented the exhibition that provided historic and contemporary works an equal platform in a refreshing collision of time, material, and culture.  

After the success of The Oracle at the Underground Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles organized a presentation of the film. Commonwealth Projects worked with the artist and museum to install Kahlil Joseph: Double Conscience at the MoCA’s Grand Avenue location.