Parking Garage

This event, created by Commonwealth Projects, will take place in a to-be-determined parking garage in the city of Los Angeles. The goal of this project is to create an awe-worthy place-based experience in the non-space of a parking garage. The installation will tap into the history of Los Angeles: the light art of Robert Irwin, the words of Joan Didion, the concrete quality of the city’s architecture, and the embodiment of its car culture — culminating in a true Los Angeles experience. This project hints at the notion of possibility for a structure often criticized for its useless excessiveness and unsightliness. It is a modest attempt to find and renew a sense of the ephemeral and spiritual through a simple artistic practice.


The fluorescent lights on each level of an entire parking garage will be altered to emit a color. Each floor will have two colors at each end that gradate toward one another. In addition to light and color, an experimental sound element will accompany each level.