Workshop 5001

Workshop 5001 is a Los Angeles based organization with unparalleled expertise and command in the elite field of luxury sports cars. Working with the proprietor, Marlon Goldberg, Commonwealth Projects renovated a building to house the workshop and office and conceived the company’s graphic identity. Our approach brings together the history of modern design with the legacy of luxury sports cars and the enthusiasm for the industrial ethos that persists today. The interior space and branded collateral replicate the history’s standards and eliminate the unessential and decorative to expose the beauty of functionality and masterful engineering. For the Workshop’s interior, we sandblasted the ceiling and burnished the floors to expose raw wood and concrete. A modular and movable wall system expands and slides to create numerous configurations that accommodate different numbers of cars and maintains a gallery-like setting. Additionally, we designed and fabricated steel and wood furniture for the office. From business cards to spacial arrangements, this exciting project received a fully considered and detailed treatment that pays homage to the original inspiration: luxury sports cars.