Kahlil Joseph — Double Conscience

In an extraordinary exhibition, The Oracle, at the Underground Museum in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, Commonwealth Projects worked with Kahlil Joseph to design and install the director’s video installation. The exhibition featured figurative sculptures from a coveted private collection of rare African art alongside contemporary works from other artists in various mediums. […]

Workshop 5001

Workshop 5001 is a Los Angeles based organization with unparalleled expertise and command in the elite field of luxury sports cars. Working with the proprietor, Marlon Goldberg, Commonwealth Projects renovated a building to house the workshop and office and conceived the company’s graphic identity. Our approach brings together the history of modern design with the […]

Artist’s Monograph: Xavier Veilhan — Architectones

After producing site-specific installations, interventions, events, sculptures and performances at Neutra’s VDL house and Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House No. 21 in Los Angeles, Commonwealth Projects followed Xavier Veilhan as he continued the project in iconic modernist buildings in Europe. To culminate the historic program, which spanned two years, we worked with our sister company, […]

Hedi Slimane — California Song

Commonwealth Projects produced Hedi Slimane’s sprawling and complex exhibition, California Song. We worked closely with the visionary to conceive, design, and fabricate the two-floor installation at LA MOCA’s Pacific Design Center location. The first floor installation included photos and mirrors installed in a plywood labyrinth. A large (seemingly) floating cube centered the second floor. Slimane’s […]

Restaurant Branding

Commonwealth Projects was given carte-blanche to create visual identities for a restaurant and marketplace concept project created by Los Angeles’s leading chef and restauranteur. Provided with the overarching concept and ethos for the open-ended project, we began an organic and spontaneous exploration of possibilities that defied expectations of what a restaurant should look and feel […]

Getty Founder’s Award 2015

Frank Gehry is a prolific figure marked by dogged determination and unbounded imagination. His practice, which spans beyond the confines of architecture, takes inspiration from original and unexpected sources. He belongs to an avant-garde that believes buildings should convey positive emotions. From sketches to furniture to some of the largest cultural institutions in the world, […]

Dr. Woo — Branding

LA’s most sought-after tattooist, Dr. Woo, has carved out a niche with his unique and intricate single-needle designs. With a huge online following and devoted clientele, he maintains a months-long wait list for his signature ink. As he branched out into new ventures and collaborations, Dr. Woo reached out to us to craft a memorable […]

Xavier Veilhan — Architectones

We were happy to see one of our favorite artists, Xavier Veilhan, cruising around LA in an old Cadillac. We were even happier to have been a part of Architectones, a series of sculptural interventions at modernist landmarks. The first installation took place at Richard Neutra’s VDL House in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los […]

Agathe Snow — Stamina

We were so happy when artist Agathe Snow and Al Moran of Ohwow Gallery asked us to create an 8-channel film of Agathe’s Stamina event — a 24-hour art performance experience that took place, and was documented, in 2005. Ten years later, the Guggenheim is premiering the film alongside a range of related performances all […]

Getty Founders Award 2014

The J. Paul Getty Trust honors an individual for his or her leadership in the fields of art history, conservation, or museum practice with the annual Founder’s Award Medal. In 2014, Commonwealth Projects was commissioned by the Getty Trust to create a short film that highlights the contributions of Lord Jacob Rothschild. We spent roughly […]

PAHC / Studio Identity

Commonwealth Projects created a graphic identity for the studio of artist Paula Crown. For a prolific artist that works in various fields, mediums, and aesthetics, we resolved to design an identity that embodied the artist’s multi-dimensional and dynamic practice. In collaboration with the artist, we created business cards, stationary, and other ephemera that required a […]

Bryan Dooley — False Grip Demo

As part of a Commonwealth Projects residency program, Bryan Dooley created a series of original works at our studio in Los Angeles. In collaboration with the artist and Commonwealth Projects’ sister company, SPA, we curated the UK based artist’s first solo exhibition, secured the premier location, and organized a one-night only private viewing and opening […]

Paris Photo Los Angeles

For the second installment of Paris Photo Los Angeles, the organization’s directors approached Commonwealth Projects with the challenge of designing and fabricating a 6-screen theater within one of Paramount’s historic soundstages. As opposed to solving a technical problem — the difficulties of accommodating multiple projections and audio tracks within a large open space — we […]

Sonos: Diplo + Shane McCauley — Blow Your Head

Commissioned by Sonos Studio and Imprint Projects, Commonwealth Projects designed an interactive exhibition that displayed Diplo and Shane McCauley’s photographs and videos and highlighted the Sonos Playbar’s impressive capabilities. The compilation of imagery, entitled Blow Your Head, depicts the artists’ extensive travels through the diverse range of music and cultures around the world. To translate […]

Jackson Pollock’s Mural at the Getty

Commonwealth Projects’ collaboration with the Getty Conservation Institute resulted in an inspiring series of video pieces featured in an exhibition at the Getty Museum. The three documentaries follow the Getty Conservation Institute’s team as they grapple with the physical, aesthetic and ethical challenges of restoring the Jackson Pollock painting, Mural, from 1943. Each short film […]

Khabir Suleymanov

We were thrilled to work with professional boxer Khabir Suleymanov to help take his name and image to the next level with carefully thought through and well executed creative and art directed images.

Restaurant Branding

Starting with emotive directions, our team worked decisively on this restaurant concept to find a clear and powerful vision. We followed an intuitive path to discover the materials, shapes, and meanings of restaurant’s identity. The result mixes the tangible and ephemeral within a cohesive aesthetic. This project exemplifies our ability to turn clients’ abstract thoughts […]

Nathaniel Mellors — The Sophisticated Neanderthal Interview

Nathaniel Mellors is an experimental British artist whose work explores relationships between language, power and humor through film, video and script writing. While on residency at the Hammer Museum, Commonwealth Projects worked with the artist to develop these ideas and expand his practice within the landscape of Los Angeles’s famed film industry. The video, The […]

Omer Fast — Everything That Rises Must Converge

Commonwealth Projects has worked with the artist Omer Fast to research, develop, produce and film a number of video-based art installations — each centered on a theme that makes filming a logistical challenge. Everything That Rises Must Converge is no exception. This video piece documents the life of various adult film actors and actresses, on set […]


Commonwealth Projects created a new identity and website for Amoveo Company. The collective, headed by Benjamin Millepied and Nicholas Britell, is composed of artists, directors, dancers and creators, who develop new productions, ideas, events and collaborations. For this project, we were faced with the challenge of creating a cohesive platform to showcase a diverse and growing body […]

From Start to Finish: The Story of Gray Column

Commonwealth Projects and the Getty Conservation Institute collaborated to create the film From Start to Finish: The Story of DeWain Valentine’s Gray Column. This documentary, shot over the course of a year, explores the history of DeWain Valentine’s sculpture Gray Column and tells the story of the Getty Conservation Institute’s restoration of this massive resin […]

Joyce Pensato

In coordination with her exhibition at Petzel Gallery in New York City, Commonwealth Projects produced a photoshoot and film with the artist Joyce Pensato. For this commissioned project, we coordinated a celebratory series of images and video that included an offbeat array of talent and props at the iconic Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.

ID Perfumes Premier Fragrance Event

Commonwealth Projects was commissioned by ID Perfumes to conceptualize an interactive installation for their effervescent new scent. Inspired by the idea of creating a large-scale installation on such an ephemeral concept and by the refinement of perfume as a cultural entity, our challenge was to create an elegant experience. After choosing a venue, we designed […]

Omer Fast — 5,000 Feet is the Best

The production of Omer Fast’s 5,000 Feet is the Best took us to interesting places. It started with a small team, a large Ford, and a journey to Las Vegas, where we met up with Fast to research the much discussed and mostly opaque drone pilot program. Secret interviews, pseudonyms, a call from the FBI, […]

Ben Jones — Transmission LA

This piece we produced for Ben Jones was part of Transmission LA: AV Club curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys at MOCA. Jones has the right kind of cool, enthusiasm, and ambition to make an interesting project. The video installation was one of the more intricate and technically complex works we have put […]

Aida Ruilova — Goner

Bringing Aida Ruilova’s film Goner to life was a thrilling experience. Commonwealth Projects worked with Ruilova from start to finish in the production of this work. The project had all the makings of a classic film — set design, special effects, and celluloid. We built the sole location of the film — a classic pink bedroom — entirely inside a soundstage, […]

David Lynch & Lykke Li — I’m Waiting Here

I’m Waiting Here is the lead single from David Lynch’s 2013 album, The Big Dream, and features the singer-songwriter Lykke Li. Commonwealth Projects worked with Lykke Li to conceive, film, and edit the song’s music video. Inspired by the songs ethereal sound and doleful lyrics, the video consists of a single, meandering shot through an […]


Dialogues was an exciting event in several modes that brought together artists and architects from Paris and LA to share their experiences and ideas. This project was well suited for our ideals at Commonwealth Projects, so we were happy to work with the curator, Francois Perrin, to design and produce a two-sided newspaper/poster for the […]


This video was created for Echelon Color to celebrate their completion of over one hundred artist books. Echelon was interested in exhibiting their work and accomplishments in a way that paid homage to the book as a physical object in space, one that has a lasting presence in our lives. Their collections of books were […]

A Guide in Communication

Commonwealth Projects began a series of “staff reports” as a self-commissioned project. The first report is on the subject of communication and features an essay, drawings, and design by the staff at Commonwealth Projects.   Please e-mail us to order a copy.

Francesco Vezzoli — Right You Are (If You Think You Are)

Commonwealth Projects collaborated with Francesco Vezzoli to produce a live performance at the Guggenheim Museum. This metaphysical event featuring big-name celebrities was an exercise in theatre, technology, and contemporary culture — just the odd combination CWP loves. We used fifteen hidden lipstick cameras to capture the event and the live audience. The footage was processed and edited […]

Omer Fast — Take a Deep Breath

Working with Omer Fast is always a memorable experience. Our production of this complex narrative, Take A Deep Breath, was an intense and elaborate process. The subject matter is current, powerful, and challenging, and Commonwealth Projects is happy to work in this topical arena with lasting impact. We produced the film and consulted with the […]

Kerry Tribe — H.M.

Kerry Tribe’s H.M. is a single 16mm film that plays on two adjacent synchronized projectors with a twenty-second delay, so the viewer sees simultaneous side-by-side projections of two different parts of the same film. The structure of the installation and the nature of the material produce a sensation of mnemonic dissonance much like that experienced […]

Omer Fast — The Casting

Commonwealth Projects produced Omer Fast’s film, The Casting, and consulted on the multi-channel video installation and projection at the Tate Liverpool Museum and MUMOK. This film crosses some difficult territory, and we love Fast’s approach in working with topical subjects. Some other people must have the same reverie for this work, because The Casting won […]

New Frontier Film Festival

For the 2012 New Frontier extension of the Sundance Film Festival, our team orchestrated an experimental exhibition space featuring a selected group of fourteen visionary artists. Additionally, Commonwealth Projects developed an expansive branding for the programs public outreach and multiple variations of a graphic identity seen throughout the exhibit. Each personalized gallery space was fully […]

Private Collection

Our team had the rare opportunity and pleasure to produce this extremely limited edition publication for a client. The pages chronicle striking landscapes and spectacular interiors. Designed to exist as an invaluable artifact, this private collection was constructed with bold fabrics, acid yellow painted edges, and endsheets derived from one-of-a-kind wallpapers. It’s rare to work […]

Parking Garage

This event, created by Commonwealth Projects, will take place in a to-be-determined parking garage in the city of Los Angeles. The goal of this project is to create an awe-worthy place-based experience in the non-space of a parking garage. The installation will tap into the history of Los Angeles: the light art of Robert Irwin, […]

Omer Fast — Talk Show

Commonwealth Projects teamed up with Omer Fast for this powerful and enigmatic live performance. We worked with the artist to produce three separate performances over three nights at Performa. The performance featured cultural figures and professional actors. It began with one person recalling a personal memory and delivering a narrative to the audience. As the […]


When MOCA approached Commonwealth Projects to take on Rebel, we were thrilled. The opportunity to bridge art and the Hollywood legacy in one exhibition fit perfectly with our creative endeavors. With Rebel Without a Cause and James Dean as a point of departure, we were able to explore the phenomenon of Hollywood social life, teen […]

Sigur Ros

This video was commissioned by MoMA to accompany and highlight their exhibition, Take Your Time by Olafur Eliasson. Still footage captured by four camera operators was eventually cut into a stop animation film with sixty images per every ten seconds. Hyper-saturated colors seamlessly connect the band, Sigur Ros, to their audience.

LED Dressing Room

In a time when almost any fashion-conscious consumer can imagine themselves as an icon of contemporary culture, the retail space is vital — a forum for the clothing to call out to the wearer. Now, more than ever, people want to fully understand how their clothing will relate to their surrounding environments. Our design fully envelops the […]